Gluten and the Fun Police!!!

Well, as usual I have an opportunity to see my old “Gal Pals” from college days at homecoming this weekend…3 or my 4 main roomies will be in attendance. Then there is me with celiac disease! Should I go and stay over night, just stay for a few hours or really try for the whole event. Since I have to work the next 2 days before the event I will undoubtedly not have enough time to prepare food for the long haul journey. I can probably scrape together enough for a quicky day with the girls! GF bagel for breakfast with cream cheese (I love the Against the Grain brand now, but couldn’t choke it down a few years ago. That is what happens after time removes delicious bread from your Taste Buds’ memories! A bad of chips, or chips and salsa is a quick filler item. Maybe a candy bar or two??? Very healthy? No, not at all! I could also grab a gluten free pizza and hope that somewhere there is a microwave. I have been meaning to prepare meals ahead and freeze them for instances like this, but as I used them all up on our family vacation a few months ago I have not had a chance to replenish them!  Now, the last thing I want to do is talk about the celiacs to my girls, it is boring and repetitive….I must make it look like everything is great!   I will post on my progress with this event early next week!



About Barb from PA

In mid-November 2014 it will have been 3 years that I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I have the most amazing family in the world....truly supportive of my disease in every way. This blog is for an effort to move forward and have a normal life, I am hoping to use the blog as a journal so not everything I talk about with my family revolves around this crazy, gluten free life. I will groan and complain here in GF Forevermore, and some days I hope to rejoice too! Regardless of the complaining and rejoicing that happens...I also intend to share money saving tips and tricks I learn along this very "expensive so far" gluten free way!
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