Pills Pills Pills!

So, I have been trying like heck to keep all gluten out of my life……..my hair, my skin, my mouth, my eyes….for several long years now.  It has been a bumpy road all the way.  All along I have been working so hard and knew in the back of my mind that pills may also contain gluten….well after being sick with a stomach virus at the end of February and then spending 2 weeks trying to eat again with no success right away….I stopped all the medications too.  Here is the scoop….my pills made me sick….one in particular…the generic for Lipitor.  Now I asked the doc. for a new prescription and of course I cannot afford the non-generic prescription….it is extremely expensive.  What will come of it.  Of all those pills I was taking, this is the one I actually really need, especially on this gluten free diet.  My cholesterol numbers have increased significantly!   I will let you know how I procede.  I haven’t attacked any of the other pills yet and it will soon be June.  One thing I know, I am tired….very much so.  Physically, mentally and emotionally!


About Barb from PA

In mid-November 2014 it will have been 3 years that I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I have the most amazing family in the world....truly supportive of my disease in every way. This blog is for them...in an effort to move forward and have a normal life, I am hoping to use the blog as a journal so not everything I talk about with my family revolves around this crazy, gluten free life. I will groan and complain here in GF Forevermore, and some days I hope to rejoice too! Regardless of the complaining and rejoicing that happens...I also intend to share money saving tips and tricks I learn along this very "expensive so far" gluten free way!
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