In the Beginning…..

Well, I must have done something wrong….typed this story….In the Beginning….for about an hour and then couldn’t post it….in fact I actually lost all I typed.  As I am all typed out for today I am going to end this post now.  Start fresh another day.  You can meet some of my main characters in the future….IBS Doc….Dr. K…Hemi Doc…and Dr. B. another day.  Maybe I should give Dr. B. and Dr. K. better names as they are pretty big characters in this story.  Ta Ta for now.

ps….learned that ricotta cheese is not my friend, but plan to try brands that have had the guts to claim to be gluten free.


About Barb from PA

In mid-November 2014 it will have been 3 years that I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I have the most amazing family in the world....truly supportive of my disease in every way. This blog is for an effort to move forward and have a normal life, I am hoping to use the blog as a journal so not everything I talk about with my family revolves around this crazy, gluten free life. I will groan and complain here in GF Forevermore, and some days I hope to rejoice too! Regardless of the complaining and rejoicing that happens...I also intend to share money saving tips and tricks I learn along this very "expensive so far" gluten free way!
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